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Steam Generators

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Natural Circulation calculation

This pressure drop will be taken into account:

  • Friction in pipes
  • Draft gain and losses
  • Inlet and outlet pressure drops
  • Elbows
  • Orifices (if applicable)
  • Pressure drop through impact (acceleration through evaporation)
  • Manual inserted pressure losses (e.g. valves, test devices etc. if applicable)
  • etc.At the 2 phase flow the pressure drop is much bigger than in one phase flow. This is taken in account with the 2 phase factor, this factor is calculated automatically.
  • Additionally the void fraction is considered (phase slip i.e. the steam bubbles rise faster than the water). In consequence the density is higher and the circulation numbers a bit lower.
  • Also we calculate the critical steam quality and the flow pattern.
  • Calculation of Stagnation


Balance of Plant


WHRB (Waste Heat Recovery Boilers) or WHB (Waste Heat Boilers) can be also designed and calculated with PPSD


Natural Circulation

Natural Circulation Forced Circulation

Fire tube boiler

Fire tube boiler

Balance of Plant BoP

Heat Mass Balance Diagram (HMBD)